Danika Mori – Gold medal from anal to squirt!

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Danika Mori, or Federica, hails from somewhere unnamed in Sicily, Italy, and lives on the island of Tenerife, Spain. The website Bigodino.it states that she was born in 1990, but in her PornHub profile there is the info from September 8, 1994. What really matters is that this beautiful porn actress was the most searched Italian of 2019 in the whole world and the 27th among all nationalities.

Danika Mori

How it all began???

Since 2012, Danika Mori has decided to share her sexuality with her thirtysomething fiancé, Steve, or Stefano Mori, on the web. They have been together for over 10 years and in November 2016 they recorded several sex tapes that went viral. In two weeks they had reached 16 million views. Today they are big PornHub record holders with almost 800 million eyes on the duo’s videos.

Danika Mori

And what does the family think about it???

It’s very rare for a traditional family to accept a sex worker under its roof, isn’t it? You, who are reading this now, probably like porn girls, but you wouldn’t accept that your wife, your mother or your daughter follow this job. Your son, maybe. Proof of this is that Danika Mori’s parents did not accept her profession. According to the mother, an unemployed daughter is preferable to working in this field. Steve’s parents, on the other hand, did not take the choice of their eater son so seriously. EEEEEEE world of fucking shit!

Danika Mori

Danika Mori is hardcore!

In her personal life, this girl’s passion is to be photographed, wander through natural areas, listen to the techno music tuchi-tuchi-tuchi-tuchi, as well as travel, read and appreciate different types of art. Already in sex, she gets wet when she sees a man masturbating for her. She also likes to fuck hard, choke on a deep throat and anal sex. But she also loves a cozy cuddle and a calming massage. Who doesn’t, right, loves?

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Casal youtuber

The channel “Danika Mori” is about the couple’s daily life and has almost 9k subscribers. By the way, on YouTube there is an interview where they reveal some of their secrets, like Steve losing his virginity at 13 in the school bathroom and she revealing that the first porn she saw was already a foreshadowing of one of her great practices: squirting.

In addition to being awarded, it still squirts!!

This perfect Italian girl, 1.55m tall and 40 kilos, was awarded by the PornHub Awards in two consecutive years as “Top Anal Performer” in 2018 and “Top Squirting Performer” in 2019. Yeah!!! Danika Mori is fucked in the anal and still squirts far, son! Just seeing! Incidentally, this heroine already deserved an award just for putting up with being broken into daily by the troll that the boy has between his legs. Because, holy shit, what a log!

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Danika Mori – Gold medal from anal to squirt!

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