Published on 2020/08/26

I’m not saying that you have nothing more important to do now other than watch one of the best compilations of short videos with beautiful girls. That’s not what I’m saying: Rescuing a cat from a tree, buying shares in a company before they drop prices, preventing a whaler from taking over a cetacean or helping a group of rebels cross the Yemeni border. Surely your life is very intense and you are very busy developing great feats that add value and knowledge to humanity, but if you have a gap, if you have 5 minutes left between closing an agreement between unions and employers or tightening a few nuts of the new satellite that will orbit in space to receive live images of Mars, I invite you to take a look at this post that I have prepared. You really won’t regret it. You can continue with your life fixing the problems of the world afterwards.

If you want to be part of our PRIVATE TELEGRAM GROUP, where more than 6000 friends share lots of content daily, here’s an INVITATION LINK so you can enter our group.
Remember that while the quarantine is up, the GROUP is open to everyone, but if you try to get in with an Apple device, bad news because you will not be able to enter. Apple’s fault because it does not let you to watch porn from their devices.

Just like that. Telegram, due to Apple’s demands, blocks channels and groups where adult content is shared, even if you are an adult.
If Telegram does not comply with this, Apple will ban their APP in the Apple Store.
Well, the link for our PRIVATE TELEGRAM GROUP is this one:

If the GROUP is too much for you to handle, I invite you to join my TELEGRAM CHANNEL. In there we are about 18,000 users. Inside the CHANNEL, only I can share things and what I’ll do is that what I like the most about the GROUP or consider most relevant, I’ll share it in the CHANNEL. It is like a selection of the best of the GROUP.
The CHANNEL is public and the link is always this one: thotleak.
The important thing to all of this is that you have downloaded and installed TELEGRAM, either on your computer or on your mobile. Or on both devices. I have it in both and it is great. They synchronize perfectly and you can enter from either one, from where you are most comfortable at any time.
Here’s the link to its official website so you can download it:

Extra Thot

She is Skyla Novea and here you can watch some of her porn scenes

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