Hybristophilia: fetish, sexual attraction to thieves, thieves and bad people

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Hybristophilia is a predatory type paraphilia in which sexual arousal, facilitation, and reaching orgasm are sensitive to and dependent on being with a partner known to have committed a crime, such as rape, murder, armed robbery, or robbery… bandit. According to criminologists, this sexual attraction is only for violent murderers.

Attention: All the scenes in this publication were made by professionals in fictitious character and the Sweetlicious.net site is totally against any type of violence, sexual, physical, verbal or mental abuse.

Hybristophilia fetish sexual attraction to thieves thieves and bad people

In pornography, this paraphilia is associated with very intense bondage scenes, but between one and another skit, many scenes “play” with the fetish. The ‘Horny Thief Tales’ video series mixes anal with nymphs attacked by thugs:

Videos of thieves breaking into “housewives” houses:

Hijackers videos:

The Shop Lyfter website specializes in turning young people into thieves, but the real bad guy is the store’s security guard:

Black Patrol shows two police officers taking advantage of the talents of criminals:

Following the same line as Black Patrol, the website Girls Under Arrest shows young delinquent women paying the price of their actions with the police:

In the scene ‘Thief girl fucking with cheating husband’ Sasha Rose is a thief who has her crime discovered and ends up seducing the victim to get out of trouble:

The classic video of an American journalist being attacked by terrorists is another example of hybristophilia:

In Brazil, some scenes were produced about the fetish. It is possible to see in the films ‘Sacrificed in captivity’, ‘The anal kidnapping (Sexxxy)’ and ‘The kidnapping of the nymphet – breaking the captivity’ that there are precisely scenes of hybristophilia when the kidnapped/raped have to have sex with the villains and end up “Joining in”:

National scenes about the fetish:

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Hybristophilia: fetish, sexual attraction to thieves, thieves and bad people

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