Miley Cyrus as a woman in Harper Bazaar

The new lesbians are women or men at will, like Miley Cyrus and her photos for Harper Bazaar where she became a woman and reminded us of the times of Hannah Montana when only those in South Park knew what the former teenager was going to become. Today we will remember when Miley Cyrus was pretty and with a nice face that even made many watch a trashy American television series.

Miley Cyrus como mujer en Harper Bazaar 1

There is no doubt that some physical cranial trauma must have affected this girl who for years made the boys sigh in rose gardens with morning dew rain to later become a vulgar prostitute in one of the worst red light districts of some underdeveloped country. There were no transitions or warning, she just one day she got up and let out the crazy bitch inside her and she blew us all away.

Miley Cyrus como mujer en Harper Bazaar 2

It is something unusual without a doubt, I mean to the extreme that the celebrity takes it, so much so that there should be an official expression that is something like: attention whores Miley Cyrus level. Because come on, Madonna wore the crown followed by Britney Spears and Lady Gaga who had already shown her declines and eccentricities in public in a very peculiar way, but Cyrus broke all her records. And she is only 24 years old.

Miley Cyrus como mujer en Harper Bazaar 3

But it seems that once a year she returns to the body that made her famous and becomes that beautiful prairie fairy that everyone likes and it was when she took advantage of Harper Bazaar to ride the wave of the Miley trend, the result was these photos that if you can see in the hospital while you accompany your grandmother for her weekly check-up appointment. It can even be said that they are useful to show your children the programs that you watched when you were a nerd with no hope of reproducing yourself.

Miley Cyrus como mujer en Harper Bazaar 4

Because for many years this famous young woman has not done a photo session that could be seen by anyone without vomiting or having a heart attack, so much so that many even believe that her job is porn. But we certainly know that selling records nowadays isn’t easy and any day now she’ll go back to being the perverted daddy she’s always been and we’ll be right back to the point of demanding he shave her armpits for the good of humanity.

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Miley Cyrus como mujer en Harper Bazaar 6

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Miley Cyrus as a woman in Harper Bazaar

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